East European Journal of Psycholinguistics               ISSN 2313-2116 

The Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University (EENU) publishes over 50 research journal volumes yearly. Many of them are published under the auspices of acknowledged scientific associations and societies. The Publisher is aimed at providing a forum for scholars to share, foster, and openly discuss globally various new topics and advances in different fields of modern science. However, the EENU as the Publisher follows a neutral position on topics raised and discussed in its Journals.  The EENU is committed to meeting and keeping high standards of scholarly ethical behavior at all stages of the publication process.

To ensure high ethical standards and prevent malpractice in publishing authors' contributions the Journal strictly pursues the following ethical policy:

1. Ethical expectations

It is important to meet the standards of expected ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the Author, the Journal Editor, the Publisher, the Peer Reviewer.

The Author who submits an article to the journal

By acknowledging these facts the authors bear personal responsibility for the accuracy, credibility, and authenticity of research results described in their papers.

The Publisher and Editor must 

Editors are the stewards of journal. They usually take over their journal from the previous editor(s) and always want to hand over the journal in good shape  [Code of Conduct].

The Peer Reviewers  are external experts chosen by editors to provide written opinions, with the aim of improving the paper under consideration [Code of Conduct].

The Peer Reviewers must

2. Commonplace routine for dealing with unethical behavior

Unethical behavior is understood as any kind of violating the scholarly norms of behavior on the part of the Author, the Reviewer, and the Editor/Publisher


 Sanctions are ranked and can be applied in view of their ranking (from minor to more serious)


3. Other ethical statement issues

The Editorial Board of the Journal includes members that are recognized experts in the field of Psycholinguistics. This page reflects their full names, affiliations and ORCID accounts. Contact information for the editorial office is available here.
Author's responsibilities: any fees or charges that are required for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials in the Journal are stated here
Peer-review process: all of a journal’s content is subjected to peer-review (see here
Publication ethics is an essential component of the Journal mission and functioning and is described above. 
Copyright and access: copyright and licensing information is described here.
Archiving: Electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content in the event a journal is no longer published is stated above. Triple access protection is exercised: The Publisher's electronic repository and the EU's zenodo.org repository together with the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine provide access to the entire content of the Journal. 
Ownership and management: information about the ownership and/or management of the Journal is indicated on the journal page.
The web site of the Journal ensures carefulness in observing high ethical and professional standards.
Publishing schedule is indicated above and here.
Name "East European Journal of Psycholinguistics" is unique and cannot be confused with other journals or mislead potential authors and readership about the journal’s origin or association with other journals.