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The Organizing Committee of the Fourth International Conference Challenges of Psycholinguistics and Psychology of Language and Speech (COPAPOLS 2018) welcomes and invites all scholars interested in the area of psycholinguistics to participate in the work of the conference.
The conference will be held in Lutsk and at Lake Svityaz, Ukraine from May 31 till June 1, 2018.

The meeting will provide an exciting opportunity to share researches with colleagues from around the world, integrating basic scientific research with experiments. We hope that the meeting will attract a lot of scholars and researchers and we expect it to be a forum for intense and productive scientific collaboration. 
Among the main conference topics are: 
• General, social, developmental, pedagogical issues of psycholinguistics;
• Speech and language disorders and pathologies;
• Applied aspects of psycholinguistics;
• Language, communication, memory and cognition.
Please follow the link:
 http://linguistlist.org/easyabs/copapols2018 to submit your abstract proposal before April 15, 2018. 
All interested scholars in the area are kindly invited to submit their research papers to be published in East European Journal of Psycholinguistics, Vol. 5, 2018. 
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Conference e-mail: copapols@gmail.com