East European Journal of Psycholinguistics               ISSN 2313-2116 



14th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition –GALA 14

Host institution: University of Milano-Bicocca

Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 15, 2019

Location: Milan, Italy

Start Date: 12–14th September, 2019

Contact: Francesca Foppolo

E-mail: generative.approaches2019@gmail.com

URL: https://generativeapproach.wixsite.com/2019


7th Novi Sad Workshop in Psycholinguistic, Neurolinguistic and Clinical Linguistic Research – PNCLR

Host institution: Univerzitet u Novom Sadu

Deadline for submitting abstracts: December 30, 2018

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Start Date: 20th April, 2019

Contact: Sabina Halupka-Rešetar

E-mail: halupka.resetar@ff.uns.ac.rs

URL: http://ff.uns.ac.rs/fakultet/fakultet_konferencije.html


Psycholinguistics in Flanders – PiF

Host institution: University of Antwerp

Deadline for submitting abstracts: March 21, 2019

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Start Date: 23 – 24th May, 2019

Contact: Sarah Bernolet

E-mail: pif2019@uantwerp.be

URL: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/conferences/pif-2019/


Psycholinguistics in Iceland - Parsing and Prediction – PIPP-2019

Host institution: University of Iceland

Deadline for submitting papers: January 11, 2019

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland

Start Date: 19–20th June, 2019

Contact: Joseph Jalbert

E-mail: joe@hi.is

URL: https://conference.hi.is/pipp/


On Cognitive and Affective Mechanisms Behind Bilingual Language Processing

Host institution: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań

Deadline for submitting abstracts: April 12, 2019

Location: Poznan, Poland

Start Date: 16–18th September, 2019

Contact: Katarzyna Jankowiak

E-mail: kjankowiak@wa.amu.edu.pl