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Linguistic Features of Texts and Psychological Characteristics of Speech Activity Products of Students
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Abstract. The paper presents complex research results of texts as products of individual speech activity of students with different signaling system domination, in particular their linguistic, speech,  substantial-semantic features and motivational, emotional, regulative, cognitive, dynamic characteristics of authors. the results of the study have shown that the students with the first signaling system domination tended to be more emotional, dynamic, communication and speech-oriented, despite many grammar errors and large text size. By contrast, the students with the second signaling system domination tended to be less emotional, dynamic and less imaginative, but more . Their texts contained a number of abstract words, non-relevant repetitions, complex sentences with causal and conditional subordinate clauses. 

 Keywords:  text, speech activity, personality, students, signaling systems, linguistic characteristics of speech, psychological features of speech activities.

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