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The Problem of an Author in Contemporary Theatre Publicism in Ukraine: Psycholinguistic Aspect
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Abstract. The article studies the realization of a communicative act (theatre reality – journalist reader) through the forms of  author’s  consciousness  expressing.  Esthetic and communicative effect, which is realized through particular psycholinguistic means and produces effective form of intercultural dialogue, is analysed. In today’s Ukrainian journals media aspect of theatrical art is represented in the active out – of- subject forms of expressing author’s consciousness. These forms can be found in informational (short article,  dialogue interview,  portrait-interview) and analythical (review) genres,  style peculiarities of the materials and others. Formal and subject arrangement of theatrical publicism is characterized by methaphorical vision of theatrical reality and dialectical description of the material. Subject arrangement of the works of today’s theatrical publicism in Ukraine expressed in the genres of interview in which the main notions of K. Stanislavskyi’s system are transformed into psycholinguistic definitions of “motive”, purpose and “activity script”. The research of the forms of expressing author’s consciousness in theatrical publicism in today’s Ukraine is considered to be prospective because of  the productivity  of interdiscipline approach to the problem, as well as, the back of analyses of the theory of art social communication.

Keywords:  author image, subjective and extra-subjective forms of expressing author vision, genre, style, psycholinguistec effect.

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