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Psycholinguistic Aspects of Phraseology as Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Children’s Speech Enriching
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Abstract. The article discusses the problem of phraseologisms as a multidimensional scientific phenomenon, which can be regarded as different units, such as:  psychological, psycholinguistic and linguistic; lighting of psycholinguistic principles derived from an understanding of phraseological units as psycholinguistic ones: special blocks of economical, precise, well-aimed and witty production and speech understanding as well as introduction of these principles in the field of applied psycholinguistics, in particular in psycholinguistics of development and a subordinate to it in theoretical and methodological sense linguistics; disclosure on the material of specific experimental study of the author’s experience with taking into account the psycholinguistic basics when developing a method of speech enrichment by phraseological units of the senior preschool children with a view to its development.

Keywords:  psycholinguistic units, psychological units, linguistic units, psycholinguodidactic principles, linguodidactic principles.

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