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Syntactic Performance in Online Written Discourse by an English/Swedish Bilingual with Asperger’s Syndrome: A Case Study
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Abstract. The present article described syntactic performance by an English/Swedish bilingual participant with Asperger syndrome. The participant’s syntactic performance was investigated by means of observing the participant’s status updates onFacebook, a social networking platform. Two observation sessions involved one week each, with the interval of six months between the sessions.It was theorised that the bilingual participant’s syntactic performance would be exacerbated by code-switching. The participant’s data were tagged in computer software CLAN. Results of the data analysis indicated that the hypothesis was not supported:  the participant’s syntactic performance exhibited no presence of code-switching. Data analysis indicated that there was no significant difference in the participant’s syntactic performance in the period of six months.

Keywords:  Asperger syndrome, code-switching, English, early balanced bilingual, syntactic performance, Swedish

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