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Listening of the Oral Extended Expressions in the Context of Preschoolers’ Speech Development
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Abstract. The paper is focused on the analysis of the researches by L. S. Vygotsky, A. V. Zaporozhets, D. B. Elkonin, N. S. Karpinskaya, L. A. Kalmykova, A. V. Leontiev,  V. S. Mukhina, A. I. Nikiforova, L. S. Slavina,  B. M. Teplov in the context of listening skills of preschool children. It has been proved that the problem of listening skills development in preschool children is closely related to the study of artistic-aesthetic perception features of literary texts and understanding the means of expressiveness by children along with the genesis of understanding extended utterances by preschoolers. Analysis of psychological, psycho-pedagogical, ontolinguistic and not numerous psycholinguistic researches showed potential of preschoolers to perceive and understand the extended utterances.

Keywords:  listening, perception of speech, understanding of speech, utterance, text, preschoolers.

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