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Multimedia Discourse as an Element of Multiculture
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Abstract. Today it is not enough to determine the degree of the media influence, as we need to find an answer to the question of  how multimedia discourse as an element of multiculture in multisociety (“new electronic culture” –  M. Castells’s term) is associated with transformation (change) of consciousness of society. It is necessary to analyze inmutational and mutational (O. Kholod’s terms) changes in the minds of individuals, who, probably, make unintentional “quiet change” of thought creating and thus – the structure of world order. There are other issues:  whether to consider the current TV mass media provocative, and pushing society to negative behavior scenarios. Does television spoil public consciousness, or make negative (inmutational) changes in behavior, encouraging inmutational transformation of consciousness? In search of answers to those questions, the study has been carried out, which aimed at finding out the correlation of “new electronic culture” and “the transformation of consciousness” factors.

Keywords:  new electronic culture, transformation of consciousness, consciousness inmutation of consciousness, mutation of consciousness.

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