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Psychological and Pedagogical Means of Monitoring the Development of Listening Skills
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Abstract. The article deals with the problem of the development of listening skills at the lessons of foreign languages. A range of methods and techniques is proposed. The authors share their experience in the sphere of usage the supplementary methods such as questionnaires, scales of diagnostics and self-diagnostics, psychological tests, etc. “Diagnostic and self-diagnostic scale of listening skills”, its structure and different ways of teaching techniques are given. This scale provides a teacher with the objective data of listening skill development of each student and group as a whole. This method helps to involve each student into the listening task, stimulates an adequate differentiation and assessment of one’s listening skills. In its turn it stimulates the development and implementation of different teaching techniques. It leads to individual and group effectiveness. Such questionnaires as “Are you a good listener?” and “Level of your communicative control” may be a good stimulus for conscious speaking control. These techniques were used for foreign language teaching and proved to be efficient.

Keywords:  listening skills, diagnostics, self-assessment, communicative control, psychological and pedagogical means.

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