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A Hermeneutic Approach to the Translator’s Productive Bilingualism Model
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Abstract. This article describes the hermeneutic approach, which is used to study the model of сonсeptual productive bilingual translator activity. This allows examining and, by means of hermeneutic method, detecting features of translator that cause conative, cognitive-linguistic and personal strategies. The hermeneutic method is aimed at constructing the model of сonсeptual productive bilingual translator through the text as a product of his activity. The study of the text makes it possible to identify the peculiarities of business interpreter and efficiency of the basic translation strategies and personal, сonative and cognitive- linguistic. Application psyсhographology method and analysis of written text hermeneutic method of studying the original text and translation proves great potential method of textual interpretation.

Keywords:  translator, hermeneutic method, productive bilingualism, strategies, and text.

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