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Dynamics of External Structure of the Personality’s Speech Experience
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Abstract. The paper is an attempt to describe the dynamic features of personality’s speech experience. The author theoretically substantiates the concept of personality’s speech experience system, viewed as the process and the product of processing and organizing speech, resulted from the interaction with the environment. This fact enables personal mastering of the world through speech. The article analyzes the results of the study the external structure of the speech experience in two age groups - children of primary school age (194 respondents) and the period of «early adulthood» (386 respondents) by the method of factor analysis. The basic meaning and interpretation of factors are given. Results of comparing the contents of the factors in the two age groups allow defining the dynamics of the external structure. The development of the external structure is going through integration - through the union of separate parts into a whole. These parts are not mechanically connected to each other, but dialectically changing, acquiring a new quality. Therefore, the six factors of the structures that were found in children of primary school age are different from the factors identified in adults. Generalization of individual parts gives rise to three factors in adulthood, which exhibits a clear focus on the mediation the personality’s speech mastering of the world. Thus, the dynamics of the external structure of the personality’s speech experience consists in the integration processes of hierarchization and articulation, which leads to the functioning the speech experience as optimally organized system.

Keywords: experience, speech, speech experience of the personality, factor analysis, integration of the external structure of speech experience.

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