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Anxiety Factors of Students’ Emotional Disposition to Professional Communication in Foreign Languages
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Abstract.  The article deals with the problem of the development of personality’s psychological disposition to professional foreign languages communication. The present research aims to define the concept of personality’s emotional and volitional disposition and reveal its essence and study the formation features of the above mentioned disposition of students of different specialties. The study focuses on the causes and dynamics of the students' emotional and volitional disposition to professional communication in foreign languages. Emotional disposition is viewed as personality’s ability to adjust his/her behavior and activity in any professional situations by means of foreign language communication. The research results revealed certain difficulties, and therefore the students’ negative experiences in foreign languages communication, which are determined by a high degree of speech fluency, difficulty in understanding spoken language and grasping the meaning of an utterance. The article introduces the reasons for the development of a special program to form students’ emotional and volitional disposition to professional communication in foreign languages. The program is to contain a set of lessons, assignments and trainings aimed at developing the appropriate volitional qualities, psychic self-regulation skills of a personality.

Keywords: psychological disposition, emotional and volitional disposition, anxiety factors, student, foreign languages, professional communication, development.

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