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Speech Activity Characteristics of Teachers Logopaedists
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Abstract. The article deals with the problem of studying the demonstrations of personality characteristics in speech activity. The paper emphasizes that speech is the highest mental function which determines all human development and one of the tools of pedagogical activity teacher-logopedists working with people with speech disorders. As their speech has to act as an example, very great demands are made of it: it has to be exact, correct, coherent, logical, convincing and expressive. The study highlights that speech can serve as a means of modern diagnostic features of the person, as in speech activity they are reflected. Study of features manifestation of personality in speech activity  teacher-logopedists conducted within the concept of N. A. Fomina, which allows to consider the properties of the individual as a system, features  the language of the person in the unity of its linguistic and psychological characteristics, which are reflected in the text – the product of speech activity. To do this, teacher-logopedists were asked to write text about the personal importance of the theme of “Teacher”.

Keywords: personality, speech activity, text, teacher-logopedist,  linguistic (lingual, notional) characteristics of speech and psychological (motivational, cognitive, emotional, regulative)  characteristics of personality


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