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Speech Activity as a Component of the Psycholinguistics Object
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Abstract. The article deals with the problem of formation in psychology and psycholinguistics of the phenomenon of speech activity, dynamic changes in its definition and specification. The  results of comparative analysis of psycholinguistics and its categorical apparatus development in foreign and Eastern European (domestic) science has been given. Much attention in this article is paid to theoretical sources of speech activity, which later evolved into psycholinguistics, where speech activity as one of its research object was singled out. Speech activity and language are viewed as components involved in formation and operation of mental reflection, as well as in mediating of human activity by this reflection;. Among other items psycholinguistics traditionally focuses on are individual emotional and motivational components (needs, motives, goals), ctivity, correspondence of the object of activity to its motive, availability of product and result of this activity, planning, structuring, aiming, etc. Speech activity is treated as  an independent activity with a specific speech motive, in particular, sense formulation and sense formation.

Keywords: speech, performance, activity, psycholinguistics, mechanisms.

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