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Syntagma as a Unit of the Speech Experience Analysis
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Abstract. The article deals with the problem of the analysis of speech experience’s unit. The investigation of speech experience enabled to analysis the elements and identify internal and external structures and patterns of its organization. Further investigation of the speech experience’s content is impossible without the analysis of its units. In the result of the theoretical analysis we defined syntagme as a unit of the speech experience. Definition syntagma as a unit of speech, in which, as in the smallest particle implemented in the unity semantic, syntactic and intonational aspects, makes it possible to analysis syntagme as a unit, which reflects the general features of speech experience. To approof the hypothesis, we performed an analysis of narratives in two age samples for the purpose to catch out the dominant type of syntagma. The results of empirical studies have demonstrated that the development and improvement of speech experience is in the direction of increasing the proportion of relational and object syntagmatic in the texts. This means that improving the ways and means of individual speech mastering of the world is reflected in the increase and expansion of relations in which meaning of the word is involved in the structure of speech experience. Thus, taking into account certain patterns of speech experience, we concluded that the syntagm as a unit of speech experience allows to describe features of the structure and content of all structural elements of speech experience.

Keywords: speech, speech experience, syntagma, predicate and nonpredicate syntagmas.

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