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The Ideational Unity of Literary Text from the Psycholinguistic Perspective
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Abstract. The article focuses on the ideational unity analysis of the literary text. The ideational unity is viewed through the main psycholinguistic features of the literary text: integrity and coherence. The original text and three target versions were analyzed. The Smile by R. Bradbury and its Ukrainian versions made by professional translators Lada Kolomiyets, Andriy Yevsa, Yaroslav Vepryniak were the principal sources of the analysis. The empirical research results of the ideational  unity of the literary texts were given in the article. The description of the research methods used for integrity and coherence analysis in the chosen literary texts was represented. The figurative analysis of the ideational unity existence in literary text was given in the article.

Keywords: ideational unity, integrity, coherence, literary text, content analysis, lexical units, linguistic means

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