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Professional and Communicative Activity of Future Psychologist as Linguistic Personality
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Abstract. The article outlines interrelationship and interdependence of the phenomena “linguistic personality” and “professional speech activity” and the variety of approaches to the description of linguistic personality. By linguistic personality the author means language competence, the availability of linguistic image of the world reflecting the hierarchy of personal values and pragmatic components (goals, motivations, interests, attitudes), etc. Among basic features of a future psychologist are needs and motives, emotions, cognition, knowledge, moral and spiritual, effective and practical, interpersonal and social components. The essence of professional coomunication is revealed through individual discourse activity. It displays ideational and practical, internal and external peculiarities of individual activity. Therefore, communication is viewed as being both personality-centered and socially-centered. The author has also shown the specifics of professional speech activity of future psychologist, its dependence on the types of communication and forms of psychologist’s work, including psychotherapy, psychological prevention, counseling, psycho-diagnostics.

Keywords: linguistic personality, subject, professional speech activity, communication.


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