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Distant Work with Students in Conditions of Social and Political Crisis
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Abstract. The aim of the study is to identify key features of distant study of students of a Kyiv  University in the conditions of social and political crisis in Ukraine for the period from 1 to 25 December 2013. Among the identified features of the study are: i) as to the carrying out and submission of  individual assignments, the Euromaidan events in Kyiv had a serious impact on the distant study; ii) due to the ambiguous students’ attitude to the events the individual assignments were  multiple in nature; iii) the assessment of the quality of the submitted assignments was made according to the criteria described above being consistent with the nature and complexity of the tasks; iv) while commenting grades (according to the ECTS system) political and social orientation of students, as well as a measure of their participation in the events on Evromaydane; v) Despite the severity of the protests and political bias of students with motivation scores for remote job done, we had to admit honestly significant deficiencies that occur in the texts and procedures assignments.

Keywords: social protest, political protest, distance learning, students learning assignment.


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