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The Influence of Psychological and Physiological Individual Features on the Formation of His Lingual Qualities
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Abstract. In this article the empirical research of the role of the distinguished physiological-psychological factors in the process of lingual qualities formation on the level of lingual ability, lingual capacities and lingual competence is described. This research of human personality’s lingual qualities has been carried out to three vectors: the search of positive and negative correlations between the basic human character features and the set of lingual qualities; the conduction of the differential analysis of human lingual qualities between the male and female respondents-groups with the aim to define the most meaningful differences; the experimental search of the most optimal functional interrelation between logical and image thinking inside of personality, which is going to be most preferable for fast lingual qualities development.  In the process of the described research it was finally defined, that every of the above mentioned factors has it’s own very specific influence on the formation and development of human lingual qualities. 

Keywords: lingual qualities, logical thinking, image thinking, communication, personality, correlation analysis, differential analysis, features of human character.

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