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Discourse Representation of Dialogic Principles in Teacher-Learner Communication
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Abstract. This article presents a consideration of the problem of discourse representation of pedagogic dialogue in teacher-learner interactions. The functional parameters inherent in the pedagogical process condition an understanding of pedagogic dialogue as a personality-centered type of communication based on the principles of value oriented treatment, alterocentrism, personal inclusion, metaposition of the teacher, personal authenticity and thereby distinguished from the liberal and democratic paradigm. As a special challenge for this study there has been elaborated a scheme of dialogic discourse specified in corresponding discourse patterns, markers and speech acts. The focus is made on those discourse elements featuring the principles of pedagogic dialogue. In the course of inclusive observation conducted on the basis of this scheme there were determined three basic communication styles featuring different levels of communicative disposition: dialogic, semi-dialogic and monologic. The statistics reveal comparatively low percentage of young teachers possessing dialogic dispositions and strategies in pedagogic communication which calls for certain alterations in the system of teacher training as well as personality development of future educators.

Key words: dialogic discourse, teacher-learner communication, value oriented treatement, alterocentrism, discourse analysis.

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