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Borodulkina, T. The Hand Metaphor as a Projective Tool of Applied Psychologist
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  Abstract. Metaphorical images are viewed as a good projective tool in the work of applied psychologist. The author describes the use of metaphor both as projective and therapeutic tool. The paper substantiates the reasons for using various metaphors in psychological practice. A special attention is drawn to understanding metaphor as a means of expression and designing of senses, including the existential senses. First, metaphoric associative cards (MAC) with images are introduced as the media of psychological practice. They employ the metaphor of ‘hand’ as an important projective material in the work of the practical psychologist. The author discusses the symbolic nature of ‘hand’ and scientific background of using this image in applied psychology as diagnostic method along with various metaphoric cards. Results of the study proved that the objective use of the ‘hand’ metaphor facilitates the applied psychologists to overcome patients’ psychological problems related to health, maturity and aging, sexual and parental relationships, social status. On the other hand, its symbolic application helps the psychologist find some solutions to the individual problems of power and subordination, violence and punishment, protection and posession, traumatic experience, stress coping and crisis overcoming strategies, mental health and ethical and moral existential issues.

Keywords: metaphor, metaphorical images, visual metaphor, Metaphoric Cards, the image of hand, the metaphor of hand, applied psychologist.



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