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Discursive Influence in the Professional Speech Activity of an Individual Psychologist
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Abstract. The study is focused on such psycholinguistic issues: sphere of psychological activity that is predominantly of discursive nature and is based on the use of speech influence methods, design of discourses as implementation of applied psychological needs of a psychologist in his professional speech activity; highlighting of various discursive possibilities impacts associated with various aspects of its organization and effects, specific types of discourses in certain operating conditions of the therapist and psycho adviser. Here is considered changing consciousness and behavior of human individual potential of psychological impact of a discourse and the ability of character to carry out speech intervention in mental regulators of life, existence and interaction with others in the social space; the discourse is regarded as born by a psychologist concept that states social relations, image of “I” and “Others”, forms the social identity, perceptions, judgments, instructions, converts not adaptive and inappropriate patterns of behavior, rigid stereotypes of human consciousness to adaptive and creative ones radically changing the old and forming the new meanings; are given separated by the author of the article examples of different types of discourses, namely discourse explanation, imperfect discourse, transfer discourse, genetic interpretation discourse, reinterpretation discourse, I-discourse, restart discourse, reidentification discourse, discourse of self-expression of feelings here and now.

Keywords: discourse, discursive impact, professional-speech activity, different types of discourse.

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