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Psycholinguistic Aspects of Manipulative Translation in Media
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Abstract. This article covers the issue of manipulative translation as one of the techniques to control the consciousness of the audience. The author indicates that such a type of translation is a supplement tool for influencing the people who are consumers of common media space characterized by the common language, national and territorial belonging. In the article, the text translation concerning the current political issues and news which took place in the world and in Ukraine, are analyzed. Among the main sources were national and international news reports. Using scientific analysis the original source and its translation variants were compared. As a result, the author drew a conclusion that for the manipulative translation the same techniques are used, five of them being viewed as techniques of manipulative translation. The examples of their implementation show how the manipulative translation misrepresents the source information. Our understanding is that the manipulative translation in combination with other manipulation techniques works as savvy propaganda.

Keywords: manipulative translation, consciousness of the audience, news, media, manipulation techniques.

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