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On the Issue of Free Word Association Test Results' Validity
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Abstract. In 2011 and 2016, two separate free association tests with the stimuli of an educational field took place. The received in-five-year data on the same stimuli are analyzed, classified and compared with the previous ones. The comparison is possible because the investigated social group was the same viz. the students of Zhytomyr State Ivan Franko University. The study tested the hypothesis that free association test results are valid (reliable, actual; after their checking they give the same results) for five years. After analyzing all the reactions of both experimental years to the stimuli discipline, tasks, knowledge, class, education, personality it appeared that some reactions were frequent and the others were individual. The most frequent reactions of the associative fields to the analogical stimuli of the 2011's and 2016's experiments coincide. For example, in both 2011's and 2016's experiments the most frequent correlative pairs S – r (stimulus – reaction) are: discipline – order; behavior; TASK – home; Knowledge – mind; skill; Class – students; school; children; education – higher; PERSONALITY – I; human. However, the more distant the associations are from the core reaction, the more diverse they are, and they display different frequencies in their associative fields of both experiments (in 2011 and 2016). Some associations which tended to the core reactions in 2011's experiment were not frequent in 2016's experiment, and vice versa. The widest variety, though, is found among the individual reactions of the two experiments; nevertheless, there are the same individual singular reactions of the experiments of both years. The total number of those individual reactions is the highest in the experiments.Thus, the hypothesis of data validity of a free association test is confirmed but only for the core reactions of associative fields. The more distant the associations are from the core reaction, the more dynamic and changeable they are.

Keywords: free association test, stimulus, reaction, association, validity.



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