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Prosodic Means of Speech Influence Realization: Auditory Analysis
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Abstract. The article offers the results of the experimental phonetics research on the role of intonation in speech influence realization in the video lecture as a main massive open online courses material. This methodology is elaborated according to the proven techniques in contemporary phonetics and combines the use of auditory analysis, methods of quantitative data and linguistic analysis, methods of semantic differential and questionnaire. The goal of the experiment was to prove the hypothesis about the role of prosodic organization and components of the tutors’ intonation in video lectures in better supporting students’ attention, capturing the interest to the subject, facilitating understanding, which help in realization of speech influence in scholarly discourse, thus making the communication and learning more efficient, productive and successful. As a result of the experiment, the intonation parameters used in the video lecture and contributory for students’ perception have been established. The paper gives brief insights into such notions as speech influence, scholarly discourse and an e-lecture as a genre of modern scholarly discourse.

Keywords: experimental phonetics, research methodology, speech influence, video lecture, English scholarly discourse, intonation, prosody.

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