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Archaizing and Modernizing Strategies in Translation of the Texts in the 16-17th Centuries
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Abstract. The article explores the strategies of rendering temporal distance in translation of classical texts of Shakespearian times. Archaizing, modernizing and neutralizing strategies are studied at language (stylistic), cognitive and pragmatic levels. Archaizing strategy lies in creating an image of a bygone epoch using archaic lexemes and grammar forms, literal rendering of cognitive scenarios and pragmatic formulas. Modernization is creating an image of modern time as part of chronotope of the integrative text concept, by selecting contemporary counterparts, sometimes with colloquial or vulgar stylistic characteristics, replacing the archaic cognitive scenarios and pragmatic formulas with modern ones. The strategy of neutralizing the temporal distance means eliminating time-markedness from the image of the artistic work.

Keywords: translation strategy, archaization, modernization, neutralization of temporal distance, chronotope, artistic translation

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