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Verbal Tactics of Implementing Discrediting Strategy in the U.S. Diplomatic Discourse
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Abstract. The article presents the analysis of the accusation tactics that implement a discrediting strategy in the English diplomatic discourse. The aim of the article is to study speech act formations in tactics of accusation that implement a discrediting strategy. The object of the study is tactics of accusation, which implement the discrediting strategy in diplomatic discourse. The article offers a classification of markers of the communicative tactics of accusation that implement a discrediting strategy in the public statements of US diplomats, namely V. Nuland, G. Pyatt, S. Power, D. Baer, relating to the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. The total number of public speeches that have been analyzed is 97 (from 2013 to 2015). Attention is drawn primarily to the speech acts and how they implement the tactics of accusation in DD. The author has found that the tactics of accusation is basic and the most common tactics of implementing the discrediting strategy in the studied speeches. At the core of these tactics are mainly direct assertive speech acts. 

Keywords: diplomatic discourse, discrediting strategy, confrontational tactics, speech tactics, tactics of accusation, speech act, public speech, the direct and indirect speech acts.

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