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Table of Contents
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Акімова Наталія

Психологічні особливості впливу мовленнєвого етикету інтернет-новин на процес їх розуміння. 6-13. 

Akimova, Nataliia

Speech Etiquette and Its Psychological Impact on Understanding Internet News. (in Ukrainian). 6-13.

Dobzhanska-Knight, Nataliia; Voitko, Khrystyna

Linguistic Manipulative Techniques in Advertising Slogans of Fast Food Restaurants. 14-23.

Gotseva, Mariana

A Neurocognitive Perspective on Language Acquisition in Ullman’s DP Model. 24-33.

Гаврилів Оксана

Вербальна агресія: між насильством і безсиллям. 34-46.

Havryliv, Oksana

Verbal Aggression: Between Violence and Impotence. (in Ukrainian). 34-46.

Kyuchukov, Hristo; Giray, Bariş

Turkish Children in Germany Learning Grammatical Categories in Turkish as a Mother Tongue. 47-57.

Taraban, Roman; Bandara, Achintha

Beyond Recursion: Critique of Hauser, Chomsky, and Fitch. 58-66.

Taraban, Roman; Marshall, Philip H.

Deep Learning and Competition in Psycholinguistic Research. 67-74.

Todorova, Bilyana

Maternity and Time: The Perception of Time from Mothers During the First Year After Birth According to Titles in Bulgarian Internet Discussion Forum. 75-83.

Romanyuk, Lyudmyla

Interrelationships of Personal Values: A Moderated Mediation Analysis Based on Gender and Age. 84-94.



How Poetry is Translated...

James W. Underhill. Voice and Versification in Translating Poems. University of Ottawa Press, 2016. xiii, 333 p.

Reviewed by Taras Shmiher. 95-96.




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