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Maternity and Time: The Perception of Time from Mothers During the 1st Year After Birth According to Titles in Bulgarian Internet Discussion
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Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present the perception of time of the women who have babies less than 12 months old through observation on some titles of so-called annual topics in the largest Bulgarian forum platform - bg-mamma. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, the study includes the investigation of time indicators preferred by the forum users in the excerpted 50 threads. Attention is drawn to the presence of subjective/objective time markers as well as of linear/cyclic ones. Furthermore, excerpted words and phrases indicating time have been studied having in mind that time is often metaphorically represented. The investigation also reveals the most important events in the mother's life as expressed by the titles of the topics. It seems to the researcher that in the first year of maternity women perceive the time in a very specific way – they put the baby growth as a measure and the objective time marks only disclose the changing baby world. It is also interesting that some traditional holidays become very important as well as the rituals connected to them.

Keywords, time, maternity, perception, metaphor, space, computer-mediated communication, linear time


The paper is supported by South-West University, Project RP-B5/17: CURRENT PROBLEMS OF LINGUISTICS


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