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Experimental Study of the Lingual Consciousness of Ukrainians and Russians (Dynamic Aspect)
2018-Jun-28, 8.19.28 AM

Abstract. The study of the lingual consciousness of various ethnic group representatives does not lose its topicality in psycholinguistic investigation for decades. During the period of the formation and development of psycholinguistics, scholars have gained considerable experience in holding associative experiments, the results of which are reflected in associative dictionaries and individual scientific investigations. This material is valuable in several aspects of the investigation in particular as an object of the study of the lingual consciousness of the certain language speakers for  the duration of the experiment; in the comparable aspect for the identification of common and distinguishing features in the lingual consciousness of the representatives of different ethnic groups as well as to find out the changes in the lingual consciousness of a certain ethnic group members according to the experimental data received at a certain time interval etc. The article focuses on revealing the dynamics in the lingual consciousness of the representatives of the two East Slavic peoples. The experimental data were drawn both from lexicographic psycholinguistic works and from author’s experimental studies held in 2000 and 2012 representing the changes in the corresponding fragments of the world image in Ukrainians and Russians.

Keywords: world image, linguistic consciousness, associative experiment, association, associative field, associative gestalt.

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