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Table of Contents
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Havryliv, Oksana

Indirect Verbal Aggression (in Ukrainian)..7

Khraban, Tetyana; Khraban, Ihor

Cognitive and Pragmatic Features of the Ukrainian army Humorous Discourse in Social Media (in Russian) ..21 

Kolomiyets, Lada

The Psycholinguistic Factors of Indirect Translation in Ukrainian Literary and Religious Contexts..32

Kyuchukov, Hristo

Turkish, Bulgarian and German Language Mixing Among Bulgarian Muslim Roma in Germany ..50

Malimon, Liudmyla; Pashkina, Alla

Psychosemantic Analysis of the Concept of Managers Competence..58

Melo, Rita de Cássia Freire de; Holanda, Karla Araújo Pinheiro de; Ferrari-Neto, José; Barbosa, Matheus de Almeida 

Anaphoric Processing of the Null Pronoun in Monolingual Speakers of Brazilian Portuguese: An Online Study..68

Onopchenko, Iryna; Orap, Maryna; Mudrak, Ihor

Psycholinguistic Markers of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Teachers with High Prevalence of Workaholism (in Ukrainian)..80

Pastryk, Tetyana; Kotys, Olena; Dyachuk, Nataliia; Milinchuk, Volodymyr

Conscious Control in Speech Pathology and Speech Rehabilitation Following Stroke..89

Savchenko, Olena

Psychosemantic Tools of Self-Assessing Individual Reflectivity..98

Taraban, Roman; Abusal, Khaleel

Analyzing Topic Differences, Writing Quality, and Rhetorical Context in College Students’ Essays Using Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)..107

Zasiekina, Larysa; Kennison, Shelia; Zasiekin, Serhii; Khvorost, Khrystyna

     Psycholinguistic Markers of Autobiographical and Traumatic Memory ..119

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